Foundations of Medical Professions 

    Foundations of Medical Professions is a class that prepares students for the internship portion of our Medical Academy program. We cover topics that are universal to all healthcare occupations. 

    Safety- The first semester is devoted entirely to safety in the hospital setting. We cover standard precautions, OSHA's bloodborne pathogen standard, transmission-based precautions, correct body mechanics, fire safety, evacuation procedures, wheelchair safety, and correct patient care procedure guidelines. 

    Professionalism- During the second semester, we will explore the personal characteristics of healthcare workers, cultural diversity, and medical law and ethics. 

    CPR- We finish the year with CPR certification at the professional rescuer level through the American Heart Association. 

     Once the foundation students satisfactorily complete the required course work, they are eligible to participate in the Therapeutics of Medicine class which leads to the Internship class.


    Honors Human Body Structures and Functions

    This course prepares students grades 11-12 for Biomedical, Nursing, and a multitude of other health-related careers. The course is organized to follow a logical sequence of the systems of the body with an emphasis on disease and disorders. The lab portion of the class incorporates hands-on learning with Anatomy in Clay Manikens (R).