• Tiger Paws 2019-20


    The Hartselle Tiger Paws Dance Team is a  Nationally ranked competition dance team that focuses on Jazz, Kick and Pom Technique.  The 2019-2020 team has 11 members comprised of 10 high-school girls and 1 junior-high girl. 

    This past year the team received the following awards: 

    • Regional - 1st place in Kick, Jazz and Pom - American-All Stars, 2nd place in Pom and Jazz - DTU Regionals
    • State - 1st place in Kick and Pom - NDA State, 1st place in Kick and Pom and 2nd place in Jazz - UDA State  
    • Nationals - 2nd place in Kick, 6th place in Jazz and 7th Place in Pom at DTU Nationals

    The team attended UDA Summer Camp at University of Alabama Birmingham in June, 2019.  Each team member learned 2 individual dance routines as well as a custom routine.  The dancers were evaluated on their individual routines and received a Superior Rating/Perfect Score qualifying them for the National Dance Team Championships (NDTC).  They competed in the home routine event as well and received a 1st Place/Superior Rating also qualifying for NDTC. Six members were selected as UDA All-American; Catherine Cline, Becca Faulk, Ansley McCay, Julya McMinemon, Payton Preuitt, and Grace Sittason.  In addition, they received the 110% Award, Spirit Stick, and Super-Spirit Stick.  

    This year the team will compete in Regional and State competitions and will also compete at DTU Nationals.  The team will also host a DTU Regional Competition in December.  

    The dancers perform at many events throughout the year including:

    • High School Pep-Rallies
    • Football Games 
    • Basketball Games
    • Talent Shows/Fine Art Events
    • Community Events
    • Regional, State, and National Competitions


    We love performing for our community and supporting our Hartselle Tigers!