• Mu Alpha Theta



    The requirement for overall “B” scholastic average, drug test, returning application by the deadline, and attending the induction ceremony will continue to be part of the requirement for Mu Alpha Theta membership. Also, students’ first nine-weeks grade of the induction year must meet the grade requirement for membership.

    Students must take Advanced or AP math courses beginning with Advanced Geometry.  Students may take Algebra I in ninth grade, provided they earn an 85 or higher and continue with an advanced course the next year.  These students would be inducted as seniors.

    Students who take Advanced Geometry as freshmen would need to earn an “A” or “B” in that course and all subsequent Advanced or AP courses. These students would be inducted as juniors.

    As sophomores, these students will need to earn a 95 or higher in the ninth grade Advanced math course to earn early membership.


    Questions may be directed to Victoria Counce, Mu Alpha Theta Faculty Advisor, at Victoria.Counce@hartselletigers.org.