Phone: (256)751-5165


Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. Ed. and M.A. Ed. in Secondary Education, ELA

Terri Gourgeot

Hello! I am Terri Gourgeot, an English Language Arts teacher with a decade of experience nurturing young minds. Teaching has been my lifelong passion, and I find great joy in inspiring students to explore the captivating and empowering world of literature and language. Outside the classroom, I cherish moments spent with my two children, Noah and Palmer, and my husband, Zach. Noah, my golf-loving five-year-old, and Palmer, my baby doll obsessed two-year-old, keep me laughing and motivated every day.

In my teaching journey, I have come to understand that fostering a strong and positive connection with my students is paramount to their growth and success. I firmly believe that empathy and compassion lie at the heart of effective teaching. By understanding and relating to each individual, I strive to create a nurturing environment where learning thrives and students feel encouraged to express themselves freely.

When I am not teaching or spending time with my children, you'll find me immersed in books or the outdoors, savoring the knowledge and inspiration they both offer. Engaging with literature has not only enriched my teaching style but has also allowed me to expand my horizons and gain new perspectives.

I am hopeful that our year together will be a journey of growth, exploration, and a little bit of fun along the way. Go Tigers!



Muscle Shoals High School, 2014-2022; AP Literature, Speech, College Prep. English 11

Hartselle High School, 2022-present; Advanced English 10, College Prep. English 11, AP Seminar