• Welcome to the Morcohi Chapter of the National Honor Society.

    Members of the National Honor Society are devoted to serving their community through service, leadership, scholarship, and character.  Our group consists of the best and brightest NHS students at Hartselle High School- each one with high marks in the four qualities listed above.

    The Morcohi Chapter participates in many annual service events.  

    Individually, members of the NHS volunteer at soup kitchens, at our local elementary schools, at churches, and many local community civic events.

    New members of the National Honor Society who meet specific criteria are contacted during the Fall semester of their junior (and in some cases, senior) year of high school and are inducted shortly after.

    Being a member of the National Honor Society is a great honor. Underclassmen should strive to maintain good grades, take advanced courses, demonstrate good leadership, and volunteer in their community in order to be recognized as a prospect and have the opportunity to be inducted.

    Requirements to Be Eligible for Membership:

    1)  Be a junior or senior (who has attended HHS during the previous academic year)

    **Any student who becomes a member will be responsible for meeting/ maintaining all of the requirements of membership if he/she is not attending classes on the HHS campus.

    2)  Have and maintain an overall 3.75 GPA or higher during high school

    3)  Have taken or agree to take- 2 years of foreign language and 2 advanced classes in each core area (Math, Science, Social Science, & English)

    4)  Have no discipline infractions

    5)  Exhibit the highest qualities in character, service, leadership, and scholarship among the HHS student body

    Requirements That Must Be Met to Remain a Member in Good Standing:

    1)  Service Hours-  once members have been selected they must agree to complete 15 service hours. Hours must be served during the school year, and hours must be pre-approved by the NHS sponser. The same hours can't be counted for more than one service club. Service hours are due in mid April.

    2)  Attend ALL meetings-  Meetings are held 6-7 times per year.  A student may only miss 2 meetings between the time he/she becomes a member and graduation.

    3)  Participate in ALL group service projects.  

    4)  Turn in things on time.-  If items are turned in late it will result in probation.  You may only be on probation once as a member.

    5)  Keep up with strikes-  If you receive 3 strikes for any offenses (missed meetings, tardy to turn in items, failure to participate, etc.) you will be dismissed from the club.

    6)  Maintain the highest character-  Be proud of what you have accomplished!  Remember that you are a role model for the entire school.  Infractions of character are refered to the Faculty Council.

    Below is a list of advanced classes in the 4 core subject areas:

    Social Studies:

    • Advanced World History
    • AP World History
    • Advanced US History I
    • AP US History II
    • AP US Government
    • AP Economics
    • AP Psychology
    • AP Human Geography

            *Or Dual Enrollment Equivalent


    • Advanced English 9
    • Advanced English 10
    • AP English 11
    • AP Literature 12

            *Or Dual Enrollment Equivalent


    • Advanced Biology
    • Advanced Chemistry
    • AP Chemistry
    • AP Biology
    • AP Environmental
    • Advanced Human Anatomy
    • Advanced Physics
    • AP Physics

            *Or Dual Enrollment Equivalent


    • Advanced Geometry
    • Algebra II with Trigonometry
    • Advanced Algebra II with Trigonometry
    • Pre-Calculus
    • Advanced Pre-Calculus
    • AP Computer Science
    • AP Calculus AB
    • AP Calculus BC
    • AP Statistics

            *Or Dual Enrollment Equivalent