• Updated June 22, 2022

    WOW! It will be time to start back to school before you know it!

     Calculator Information for Advanced Geometry:

    If you are in my Advanced Geometry class, I want to give you some information about calculators.  The recommended calculator (which you will use in subsequent math and science courses, as well as on the ACT) is the TI 84 plus CE.  If you buy a new calculator, will you save the coupon (see image) on the packaging for me?  There is a rewards program (for educators only) to get free merchandise.  That is how I got the charging station for calculators in my classroom and for several other classrooms. I hope to be able to get some "loaner" calculators with these coupons soon.

    Additional Info: When it is "back to school" time, these calculators go on sale. Check Walmart, Target, and Staples. Last year at this time, Walmart had them for $119, Target for $118.99, and Staples for $119.99. And at the end of July, Target had them for $99.99. Hope this is helpful! 

    TI Rewards Coupon

    Freshman Back to School Events:

    Freshman Orientation will be held on August 4 from 9:00 am until 11:30 am. You will get to walk your schedule and meet your teachers. Lunch will be served.  I encourage all Freshmen to attend if possible.  Students always tell me they are glad that they came. I will see you there!

    Picture day is on schedule pick up day: July 26, 2022.

    What you will need in class...A three-ring binder, paper, some pencils or mechanical pencils, colored pencils (helpful but not required), along with the aforementioned calculator.