Required Materials

  • Each student should obtain the following materials within the first week of school. Please note that I ask each student to supply a pack of white copy paper.  I provide many printed notes/worksheets throughout the school year. Students will not need any lined paper for my class.  I have also added a wishlist (in italics) of other classroom necessities. A donation of these items will be greatly appreciated.  If a student is unable to collect the required materials, please contact me and I will do my best to accommodate these needs.
                      1 ½ " - 2" Three Ring Binder                                                  Wooden Pencils
                      10 Page Dividers                                                                    Kleenex
                      White Copy Paper                                                                  Disinfectant Wipes
                      Pencils (No Pens)                                                                   Germ-X
                      Graphing Calculator  (TI-84 C Plus CE-Recommended)