You may send cash every day or pre-pay in advance. Pre-payment is encouraged and recommended.  It speeds the flow of the lunch lines and allows your child more time to eat,  rather than wait in line.   If you send a check, PLEASE, write the student's full name and ID number on the check. This will help ensure accurate posting to the correct account.  Our cashier will tell your student when their account drops below $5.00, but parents should encourage students to ask once a week what their balance is. Any money put in a student's account are non-refundable with the exceptions of transfer, withdrawal, or graduation.  Upon graduation, any unrefunded balances are transferred to the account of any younger siblings still enrolled in the Hartselle System.

    It is the policy of HHS cafeteria not to allow charging of meals.  However if your student realizes they have insufficient funds, ask them to go the office and request help or place a call directly to the cafeteria office and make arrangement requests with one of the staff.

    Hartselle High School is an equal opportunity employer and provider.

    Terri Ward, CNP Manager

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