• Dear HHS Supporter: 

    We are very proud of our rich traditions and of the educational accomplishments of our students, faculty, and community. At Hartselle High School, we strive to ensure our students are engaged in an environment focused on high expectations reflecting academic, athletic, and artistic excellence.

    Our students study an academic and fine art curriculum surrounded by a highly skilled and dedicated faculty and staff. The planning of instructional opportunities to prepare our students for college and the workplace is the focus of daily routines within our school. It is easy to see why Hartselle School is named as a Blue Ribbon Lighthouse School of Excellence. The collective effort to strive toward 21st-century excellence within an environment conducive to our students achieving their full potential is impressive. We will continue to set high expectations for our learners. Our strong tradition is built upon a community expectation of excellence in all aspects of education and athletics. 

    Student success happens when our staff and Hartselle families work together.  By embracing our values of excellence, we can create the most beneficial learning experience for our students. I am constantly in awe of the success our students earn on a daily basis. Exemplary ACT scores, state athletic championships, and on the job training through our renown Tiger Launch program are just a few of our many accomplishments at Hartselle High School. 

    I am grateful to be the principal of Hartselle High School and excited to work to continue this tradition of excellence. My door is always open, and you may contact me with any questions or concerns. 

    Go Tigers, 


    Dr. Brad Cooper