• Teaching and Training Program


    Education and Training is a one-credit course.  This course is the prerequistie for all pathways included in the Education and Training cluster.  The course is designed for students who are interested in pursuing careers in education.  Course content includes the oganizational structure of education, careers, the role of the teacher, characteristics of effective teachers, communication skills, the teaching and learning process, learning styles, research, characteristics of postitive classroom environments, human growth and development, curriculum development, student characteristics, teaching techniques, learning activities, educational initiatives, technology, and careers.  Observational experiences are a required component of this course.


    Teaching I is a one-credit course.  Prerequisite is Education and Training.  The course content includes information to help students implement the teaching and learning process.  Major topics are funding sources, budget preparations, legal aspects, research teaching and learning theories, curriculum development, positive learning environments, creative teaching techniques, appropriate learning activities, instructional resources, community resources and services, scope and sequence charts, course outline, lesson plans, testing, grading, developing partnerships, technology and careers.  School-based laboratory experiences are essential for students to develop skills in teaching  Observational experiences are a required componenet of this course.


    Teaching II is a one credit course.  Prerequisite is Teaching I.  Content provides students with advanced knowledge and skills used in the education field.  Concepts of legal aspects of education, instructional requirements, motivation, types of assessments, constructing texts, postitive learning environments, lesson planning and teaching for various area and grades, reading level of instructional materials, classroom management strategies, partnerships, public relations, professional associations, technology and careers are included in the course.  Observational experiences are a required component of this course.


    Education and Training Internship is a two credit course.  Prerequisite is Teaching II.  The internship course is for students who are interested in pursuing careers in the education field.  The internship allows students to spend time in a classroom or school setting on a regular basis with a teacher within the school system who teaches the subject-matter area of interest to the student intern.  This course provides students with a context in which they can make a personal assessment of their commitment to pursue a teaching career.


    FTA/FCCLA- Each year the student is required to affiliate with out student organization FTA/FCCLA which is an intergral part of the curriculum, it provides opportunities to apply instructional competencies and workplace skills, enhances leadership development skills, and provides opportunities for community service.