Available Information

  • The following information is available to Parents and Guardians

    • Highly Qualified Teacher Status -  All Crestline teachers meet or exceed the standards of Highly Qualified as required by the No Child Left Behind Act.  This means that teachers must have passed content competency tests or have specialized degrees in order to meet the standards of being Highly Qualified. Since 2006 - 100% of all Crestline teachers are highly qualified!

    • The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 - gives parents and/or guardians the right to request information about the qualifications of your child's classroom teacher(s)/curriculum.  We welcome your input, participation, and interest in all programs.  Please call the school office at 773-9967 for more information.

    • School Incident Reports (SIR) - are available at the Alabama State Department of Education website. 

    • Local School Financial Reports 

    • Long-Term Substitute Teacher -  If your child is going to be in a classroom long-term with a substitute teacher, the school will inform you of the situation via "backpack letter"  or in a parent meeting.  You will be informed with a mailed letter if the substitute teacher is not a certified classroom teacher.