• Welcome to Crestline Elementary Library!

    Library Book Policies:
    Students will visit the library with their class at their scheduled time.

    Kindergarten students are allowed to check out 1 book.
    1st grade students are allowed to check out 2 books.
    2nd-4th grade students are allowed to check out 3 books.

    The circulation time is 2 weeks. Students are allowed to renew their book one time, if needed. Books will be marked as overdue if not turned in or renewed by the 2 week date. The student must bring the book to the library to renew it. Students will not be allowed to check out books if they have any overdue or lost books or items.

    Audio Book Policies:
    Students are allowed to check out one audio book at a time for 2 weeks. Audio books cannot be renewed. All parts of the audio book must be returned before the student's account is marked clear of the audio book. This means that if a Playaway is checked out, the returned items must be the Playaway itself including the battery and battery cover, and the Playaway case including the insert. If the audio book consists of a book and CD, both items must be returned.


    Students will be responsible for paying the replacement cost for lost or damaged books and items.

  • 2021-2022 First Semester Library Weeks:

    • August 11 - 13
    • August 23 - 27
    • September 7 - 10
    • September 20 - 24
    • October 4 - 8
    • October 18 - 22
    • November 1 - 5
    • November 15 - 19
    • December 6 - 10


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