Crestline Quick Facts

  • Crestline Elementary School


    Location: 600 Crestline Drive SE, Hartselle, AL

    Established:  September 2, 1958

    Grades: PreK - 4 

    Principal: Karissa Lang

    Assistant Principal: Ashley Benham


  •      On September 2, 2018, Crestline Elementary celebrated 60 years of educating the children of Hartselle.  The school opened on September 2, 1958 without an official name.  Mr. T. A. Abercrombie served as the principal of this new and unnamed school.  175 students in grades first through sixth grade embarked on their academic careers in the exciting atmosphere of the new school.  Built for the cost of $67,500 the new school provided 7,800 square feet of primarily classroom space.  The absence of a lunchroom, which was added later, was no cause for concerns students packed their lunches for Monday through Thursday and on Friday the room mothers treated them to hot dogs prepared at home.

         Though not officially named until November 1958, in October of that year, the school held its first Open House which hosted over 400 people, including Senator John Sparkman.  This new school received the staunchest community support and brought residents of Hartselle together for a common purpose.  

         Crestline continues today to serve as a proud institution of learning where students in grades Pre-K through fourth grade have continued their academic careers, entered the world of work, and established homes, often watching their children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren receive the same auspicious start to a lifetime of learning.