• Inspiring and preparing ALL students for . . . 

     Learning, Leadership, and Life.



         Crestline strives to provide a rich and engaging learning environment helping all students to learn through problem solving activities, hands-on learning, technology integration, and allowing opportunities for each student to achieve their personal best.  Science classes provide a focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) and utilizing the Outdoor Classroom for hands-on learning.  Student scientists are encouraged to learn through inquiry and discovery, making observations and using their data and evidence to support their learning.  Teachers have been trained in AMSTI (Alabama Math, Science, Technology Initiative), OGAP (On-Going Assessment Program), ARI (Alabama Reading Initiative).  The Arts are implemented through weekly music and bi-monthly art classes.  On-line learning programs such as Moby Max, StarFall, and other programs allow students to engage in both enrichment and intervention opportunities at school and at home.  


         Crestline faculty and staff endeavor to provide opportunities for all students to discover and develop their talents and leadership capabilities. Crestline students have opportunities to apply and serve as Crestline Ambassadors, Crestline Broadcasters, Flag Monitors, and classroom jobs students which encourage students to apply lessons learned and discover how they can be leaders in life and of their own learning.


         Realizing that life is full of choices, challenges, and possibilities, students at Crestline are provided opportunities to collaborate, create, innovate, and compete in order to develop the skills necessary for an active, healthy, and balanced life.  Students work side by side with their teachers, parents, and community members continually improving Crestline’s living laboratory and outdoor classroom. 





    Noteworthy: In 2012, Crestline was named a  Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence - Lighthouse School. All Crestline teachers meet or exceed the standards of Highly Qualified as required by the No Child Left Behind Act.