• Attendance matters


    Regular attendance at every level is essential for a student’s successful progress in the instructional program.  Students are expected to arrive at school on time.  Students who are not in their classroom when the bell rings are considered tardy and must obtain a tardy slip in the main entry area.  A note for each absence or tardy must be sent to school within a timely manner (within the grading period) or the absence will be coded as unexcused.  Attendance may be checked online through the INOW parent portal.  

    In accordance with State Law, parents/guardians must explain the cause of any absence of students.  Every student, upon their return to school, must bring to their teacher a written excuse from home signed by the student’s parent/guardian for each absence.   Crestline attendance notes are provided in your child’s TIGER notebook, which may be filled out and returned to school.  A doctor’s note should be provided when available.  Notes must contain the following information to be considered:  

    •  Date

    •  Signature of parent/guardian

    •  Student’s name

    •  Daytime phone number

    •  Reason for absence

    •  Email address, if available

    All students’ absences shall be designated as unexcused until a written excuse is provided.  A maximum of five days of parental excuses will be accepted each semester.  Excused absences will be permitted for the following reasons:

    1. Personal Illness
    2. Hospitalization
    3. Emergencies approved by the principal
    4. Death in the immediate family
    5. Court Subpoena
    6. Religious Holidays
    7. Absences with prior approval by the principal

    Absence for reasons other than those defined above as “excused” shall be considered as unexcused.  Students with unexcused absences will make up work for partial credit – grade will be calculated equal to 70% of the earned score on make-up work (except for long term assignments given prior to suspension; for example, exams, book reports, term papers, etc.)

    Checking In and Checking Out of School

    Any student who arrives after school has begun must go to the office and check-in.  Checking in after the bell rings or checking out before the bell rings will be marked as a “TARDY”. Three tardies equals one absence. 

    All students will be signed out of school in the office by the person checking out student(s).  The office staff will call student(s) from their rooms.  Parents should wait in the office or reception area for their child.  Teachers are not to dismiss student(s) from their rooms without being notified by office personnel or a checkout slip being given to the teacher.

    Students who check out prior to 11:15 AM and who do not return to school are considered absent for the day.  Students who check in after 11:14 AM are considered absent for the day.

    Early check out from school interferes with learning.  Students are working on assignments through the end of the day.  Please arrange appointments outside of school hours if at all possible.  Students needing to check-out for an afternoon appointment must be checked out prior to 2:30.

    In order for students to be eligible for perfect attendance they may not have any absences or tardies (including check-ins and check-outs).

    Reporting Absences on the Report Card and Progress Reports

    The number of absences from a class or school will be reported on the report card and progress report for the particular grading period.  The figure includes absences from class for all reasons except school related functions.  For example, absences from class or school for illness, legal matters or other reasons are shown.  Absences shown here may be excused or unexcused.   In the event you feel absences are listed incorrectly, please contact your child’s teacher to make sure the written excuse for your child was received.  

    What to Expect for Excessive Absences or Tardies

    If unexcused absences exceed five (5) days or more during the school year (not semester), the student may be referred to Mr. William Booth, Asst. Superintendent, overseeing the Early Warning & Truancy program.  

    • A warning letter will be sent from the student’s school.
    • A home visit may be made by the Student Resource Officer and School Personnel.
    • Continued excessive absences and /or tardies will result in parent/legal custodian, along with the student, to attend an Early Warning Court.
    • After attending Early Warning Court, if excessive absences and/or tardies continue, anytime with a child’s school career, truancy papers may be filed.

    A full explanation of the attendance policy and Early Warning Program is listed in the Hartselle City Schools Handbook & Code of Student Conduct.