The Purpose and focus of Home EC. has changed over the past 150 years.  For this reason the name was changed to Family and Consumer Sciences in the 1990s (FACS).  Our Program at HJHS is Teen Discoveries/Connections.  Today many remember only the stereotypes about home economics and still believe what is taught is just common sense.

    You don't have to look real hard in our society today to see the areas of our lives that most often bring us heartache.  Family problems are too common this day and time.  We know that family life is significantly related to all other areas of life, such as work life.

    Divorce and violence are often a result of: 

    • poor comminications skills
    • financial problems
    • challenges in understanding and raising our children
    • health problems which are related to poor nutrition
    • and just a general stressed lifestyle that is filled with time and resource management problems


    This is exactly what FACS addresses today.  It is easy to recognize the importance of literacy and math skills for future success.  Too often, we do not recognize the importance of postitive human relationships, good nutrition, and a balanced lifestyle. How it helps students come to school ready to learn and to enter the adult world, ready to raise strong families and fulfill their role as productive citizens.  We spend enormous amounts of taxpayers' dollars attempting to deal with these challenges, we often overlook the importance of prevention.

    FACS is the discipline to fill that void, by exposing our youth to basic skills that so many adults lack:

    • to shop intelligently
    • cook healthy and nutritious meals
    • manage money and time
    • to exhibit responsibility--personally and socially
    • and building strong families
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