• Welcome to Theater H. We are glad that you have visited our website because we want to tell you about our TROUP. A troup, outside of the theater, is a team. We work together. We work hard. We have fun.

    Our textbook is The Thespis in the Rest of Us: Your Guide to Realistic Acting by Kevin Meier. 

    RULES of Acting:

    • Listen
    • Believe
    • React


    Areas of Focus:

    • Acting Basics
    • Character Development
    • Stage Presence
    • Living in the Moment
    • Improvisation
    • Motivation and Conflict
    • Life Skills - self-esteem, thinking on your feet, etc.
    • Teamwork
    • Blocking
    • Staging
    • Auditioning
    • Set Design
    • Make-up
    • Production
    • Sound and Lighting
    • Choreography
    • Music Performance


     We would love for you to join our TROUP!

    Michael Ballew (Volunteer Director), Kevin Meier (Acting Coach)