• Mrs. Cheatham's 8th Grade Math8/Pre-Algebra and Algebra I Classes

    *School Attendace is a must!  Students absent should be proactive to make-up work immediately.  Students should remain proactive in seeing that they continue to work through their assignments during personal challenges.  

    *Google Classroom is an integral part of our class.  Students must frequently utilize our site for all GC Weekly Assignments, Unit Materials, Announcements, Class Assignments, etc.

    *Each week, students will also complete a weekly assignment on Google Classroom (GC Weekly) that goes hand-in with our in-class lessons.  Students have over a FULL  week to complete this short assignment (Friday 3pm-Friday Midnight).

    *Unit Notes and Study Guides are posted onto Google Classroom at the beginning of each unit.  

    *INow is updated by Wednesday afternoon for the previous week's work.

    *Morning Tutoring is available every morning at 7:15am.  Appointments must be made by 7:00am for a given day.

    *After-School Tutoring is available until 3:45 by appointment only.

    Math Supplies Needed:

    • Individual Binder for Math Class (1-1.5 Inches)
    • Loose-leaf Paper
    • Pencils with Erasers (Lots)
    • Personal Pencil Sharpener
    • Colored Pencils
    • Highlighter
    • Supply Pouch
    • Graph Paper
    • Calculator (TI-30X IIS or HS Geometry TI-84 Plus)
    • Straight Edge/Ruler
    • Class Donation Requests: Index Cards and Black Expo Markers

    Syllabus: Golden Rules and Curriculum

    Math 8 1st Semester Math 8 2nd Semester

    AlgSem1 AlgSem2

    NEED HELP WITH GOOGLE?  See: Google Tutorials