• Mrs. Cheatham's Math 7 and Math 8 Classes

    *School Attendance is a must!  Students absent should be proactive to make-up work immediately.  Students should remain proactive in seeing that they continue to work through their assignments during personal challenges.  Our Weekly Checklist and Daily Lessons on Google Classroom are designed to help kids stay caught up!  

    *Google Classroom is an integral part of our class.  Lesson Videos are loaded each day by the end of the school day.  This is great for our absent students and students who need to see the lesson another time :)

    *Students should practice their skills 15–20 minutes each night.  The online programs of Quizizz and Delta Math are primarily used as homework assignments for each unit.  These assignments are posted at the beginning of a unit, and students are given until the end of the unit to complete them.

    *A paper copy of the unit study guide is provided for each student on the first day of a unit.  An answer key is posted onto Google Classroom so that students may check their progress as they work through the unit.

    *Quizzes are given throughout a given unit.  They serve as a "snapshot" of a few skills for a given unit.    

    *At the end of each unit, two tests are given.  If a student scores an 85+ on the first test, the student may take two class days "off" or retest for an even higher score.  If a student scores below an 85 on the first test, the student will test again after a built-in review day where we go over the first test together.  The higher of the two scores prevails.   

    *Powerschool (online gradebook) is updated by Wednesday afternoon for the previous week's work.

    *Morning Tutoring is available every morning at 7:15am.  Appointments must be made by 7:00am for a given day.

    *After-School Tutoring is available until 3:45 by appointment only Monday-Thursday.

    Math Supplies Needed:

    • Individual Binder for Math Class (1-1.5 Inches)
    • Loose-leaf Paper
    • Pencils with Erasers (Lots)
    • Personal Pencil Sharpener
    • Colored Pencils
    • Highlighter
    • Supply Pouch
    • Calculator (TI-30X IIS or HS Geometry TI-84 Plus)
    • Protractor (7th graders)
    • Graph Paper (8th graders)
    • Straight Edge/Ruler (8th graders)
    • Class Donation Requests: Index Cards (Thank you!!!!)

    Syllabus: Golden Rules and Curriculum (See Below)

    Class Golden Rules

    Math7 Curriculum

    Math8 Curriculum




    NEED HELP WITH GOOGLE?  See: Google Tutorials