• Welcome to my class page! I serve children who have been identified with a Speech or Language Impairment. If you feel your child has an articulation, language, or fluency disorder, please contact me at the school at (256) 773-2411 or email me at jessica.bankester@hartselletigers.org.

    Below are some helpful links and information regarding speech development and delay. Thank you for your interest!

    • This website is handy for if you think your child is behind in their speech development.




    • I highly recommend this website if you have concerns about your child and stuttering. I have used these resources for years, and they have been a tremendous asset to the families I have served.



    If your child is already enrolled in speech therapy, please work with them on the speech/language homework I send home at least 2-4 nights per week. The homework is designed to take no more than 5-10 minutes per night, and I never send home skills the child is not capable of completing with high accuracy. Children who have a homework helper frequently make the most progress the fastest. The key to improvements in articulation is the same as any other skill. It takes repetitive practice because everything is hard before it gets easy.