•    What does a school counselor really do?

    Our F.E. Burleson Counseling Program is intended to help students in school, as well as home.  I provide individual counseling, group counseling, and teach classroom guidance lessons monthly.  If you are interested in your child receiving school counseling, please contact your child's teacher or myself.  My contact information is as follows:  256-773-2411 and/or Leah.Turner@hartselletigers.org 


    I am thrilled to begin another school year here at F.E.B.  First and foremost....I am here for your child.  In my role as counselor, I wear many "hats."  Not only do I meet with students about family changes, academic support, friendship issues, self- esteem, anger issues, and many other topics, I help teachers, as well as parents, brainstorm ideas to put into motion in order for their students/ child to be successful.  

    You've heard the saying (in reference to raising children)... "It takes a village."  Well, it definitely takes parents, teachers, and other school employees working together effectively to achieve a positive outcome.  We are here to help!!  Please let us how we can assist you in order to provide your child with the best education possible.  Our goal is to support you and your child in any way that we can.

    Here are some ways I help all students:

    Academic Support/Development

    • goal setting
    • organization
    • test taking strategies
    • study skills
    • classroom support
    • transition
    • strengths and area for growth

    Personal/Social Development

    • conflict resolution
    • problem solving skills
    • safety
    • health/wellness
    • positive attitudes
    • leadership
    • positive/negative choices
    • coping skills

    Career Development

    • explore careers/interests
    • self-awareness
    • time management
    • life skills