Mrs. Tankersley's Social Studies and Writing Class

  • 6th Grade Social Studies/Writing 

    Welcome to sixth grade social studies and writing! I’m looking forward to a wonderful year of learning and exploring the interesting history of our great nation! It’s my goal for each student to fall in love with social studies. This will be accomplished by exposing your child to a variety learning opportunities and experiences. Please know that changes may be made to this original plan as the year progresses due to any changes that may be made to our typical school day.  I consider it a privilege to work with your child during his or her sixth grade year, and I will put forth every effort to make sure your child’s well-being and education are given top priority.  

    Our social studies curriculum will be from the Industrial Revolution to present day.  In addition to the social studies standards, the sixth grade writing standards will be covered in my class. Each student will have a daily writing prompt.  One prompt per week will be taken as a grade. I also plan to have students write one essay per grading period which will be graded.  



    • Be Responsible
    • Be Respectful
    • Be Safe 
    • If you don’t have your Chromebook with you or your Chromebook isn’t charged you will receive a paper copy of daily work.  Policy: If a student’s Chromebook battery is at 10% or lower, they will receive a paper copy of assignments for that class period while their Chromebook charges.   


    • Bring needed materials daily:  
      • Pencil Pouch
      • Charged Chromebook
      • Planner
      • Communication Folder
    • Homework should be written in your child’s planner at the beginning of class daily.  Parents should check the planner nightly. 
    • Once homework is written down, the daily writing warm-up should be started immediately.  
    • Students should try their very best every day.  Work hard, and success in my class is inevitable! 


    Grades can be checked through the iNow Parent Portal. I will update grades as soon as possible after an assignment. 

    • 6th Grade Social Studies/Writing Grades:
      I use the following percentages to determine each nine week average:
      • Major: Tests/Quizzes: 60 %
      • Classwork 30%
      • Homework 10%

    An extra credit choice board will be given to students the first week of school.  This choice board will be used as an extra credit opportunity for the year.  Due dates are included.   It is your choice if you want to complete these activities.  Do not ask me for additional extra credit work.  The best way to maintain your grade is to listen and pay attention in class, have a good attitude, and to complete all classwork and homework.    


    • Be sure to check your child’s planner nightly.

    • Parent/Teacher Communication:

    Communication is the key to success. There are many ways in which we can communicate. 


    Email is the best way to get a quick response. 


    You may call the school office (256-773-6094) at any time and leave a message. I will try to return your call as soon as possible. My planning period is at 9:10 (2nd period). 


    If you (or your child) have a cell phone, please sign up for Remind. This is a free service available to teachers, parents, and students. Through Remind I can send a text message reminder for any important dates, such as tests and special announcements. I sent home a sheet with instructions for signing up for my Remind.  You can also sign up with this link:

    Google Classroom: Your child will be utilizing Google Classroom.  Students will hopefully be joining Google Classroom during the first week of school.  Helpful documents and daily work can be found here.  If your child is absent he or she can go to Google Classroom to find most make-up work. 


    Working together,

    Brooke Tankersley


    Please sign below.  This sheet will remain in your binder for reference.


    Student’s Name: _________________________________________________________


    Parent’s Signature: _________________________________________________________