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Spring Book Fair

Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Other friends and Relatives...


The regular Fair will be open in the library from March 4th-8th


This year we will be using new machines for check out.  There may be some delays and we appreciate your patience and consideration as glitches may happen. 

We will take Credit Cards- real-time processing, Checks, Cash, or this year you have the option of purchasing an e-wallet card for your kid ahead of to come home in a few weeks from now about this. 


E-WALLET FOR YOUR CHILD: Pre-load (using a credit card)an amount to an account number for the student to use at the fair.  If your student has a grandparent that wants to send money to them to spend, all they have to do is go online and set up a card from them for your student. They can access this account at the register or grandparents can send the e-wallet printout to the student.

What a great way for those who live far away or those who can not be there in person to support your child's love for reading.  This will also aid your student in not spending more than you wish with a blank check, and you will not have to wonder if they made it to the book fair with their cash money to spend. 

The great thing is that if your child does not spend the entire amount, your credit card used to set up the e-wallet account will only be charged with the amount that your child spends. How great is that?