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Posters Due Feb. 28th

Theme: Effects of Technology

This project is optional for Grades 1-4 (Kindergarten will not participate)

Ideas for making a stand out poster:

  • Have your child write their captions or information in pencil then trace over tthe pencil with a marker to make the writing stand out.
  • Illustrations can be colored or pictures can be used. Mounting illustrations or pictures/photos on colored paper so it shows up against the poster color can help these items stand out.
  • Pictures of experiments add color to your child's poster. Make sure their face cannot be seen.
  • Adding a QR code or a video or another resource on the internet adds a technology component.
  • Add captions that tell what each of the illustrations/pictures show.
  • Add graphs or charts.
  • Add flaps with information under them. This helps information to be noticed.
  • Evidence that the Scientific Method was followed.
  • Check out Pinterest for great ideas!


Rules and Scoring Criteria