Ms. Belinda Kay

Phone: 256-751-5615


Degrees and Certifications:

*I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from Judson College. *I have a Bachelor's Degree in Learning Disabilities from Athens State College (Athens University) *I have a Master's Degree in Mild Learning Handicaps from Alabama A&M.

Ms. Belinda Kay

Belinda Kay


     I am Belinda Kay.  My hometown has been Hartselle, Alabama since I was 3 1/2 years old.  My mother was an English teacher and she dedicated the majority of her teaching career to our schools in Hartselle.  My father was a foreman for Chemstrand/Monsanto Company for 42 years.  Crestline Elementary was the elementary school I attended first through fifth grades.  The Jr. High School opened the year I became a 6th grader!  Then, it was onward to Morgan County High School (now Hartselle High School) for me.  

     My parents were avid travelers and my childhood summers were spent exploring the United States national parks and historical landmarks.  We also, spent many days and nights camping in Canada's expansive country between the east and west borders.  In my adult years, my family enjoyed many winter vacations on two week jaunts to Wengen, Switzerland to further our skiing abilities and enjoy strong family bonding experiences.  

     After I graduated high school, I attended the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and I was a member of the Million Dollar Band (during the 'Bear Bryant' years!!).  I played the French horn in the beginning but quickly moved to the mellaphone!  Later, I chose to attend my mother's alma mater, Judson College.  This is where I received my BS degree in Psychology and minor in business.  I worked several years as a psychologist for the Lurleen B. Wallace Center.  After my first child was born, I returned to college and received another BS degree.  This degree was in learning disabilities.  I began teaching school 2 months after my second child was born, at Danville schools as a 7th - 9th grade teacher.  This turned into being a teacher of 7th through 12th grade students with learning challenges.  After my daughter was born, I began working in Hartselle City Schools as a teacher of students with emotional difficulties.   I returned to college, once again, and eventually received my Master's Degree in Mild Learning Handicaps.  

     I have been privileged to work in all of our schools within the Hartselle school system.  I have enjoyed and have been challenged with educating students in all realms of ability levels and handicaps during my years in Hartselle schools.  I am currently an inclusion teacher at Hartselle High School. During my days at school, I am in the following classes: English 10, US History 10, US Government 12, and biology.  I love teaching, reading, traveling, and being on the beach!  I am the proud grandmother to two super granddaughters.  My family brings me so much enjoyment!