• We are beginning our third full year of our broadcast team during the 2020- 2021 school year.  Some students will be returning from last years team and we will see new faces.  I look forward to working with a new group of students this next year to make our newsteam even better than before.




    News Team Group

    This is our 2018-2019 Burleson Broadcast News Team

     These students work hard every day to bring announcements and happenings in the school to the students, teachers, and staff.  The live broadcast is made available to teachers and students and monitored within our school walls. It is not broadcast for the general public.  This organization began when Mrs. Bragwell saw a need for students to be seen as well as heard when making morning announcements.  The first attempt at these live announcements was created and compiled with videos, pictures, and student voice-overs using iMovie and sent out to teachers via private youtube links.  Mrs. Bragwell wanted to make it less work that she was involved in and more work that involved the kids at every level.  It then began to evolve.  With a webcam and sitting at library tables each morning, beginning in the middle of the 2017-2018 school year, they jumped in to live announcements with simple equipment and 10  third and fourth-grade student members. 

    Today, there is a "green room" as a dedicated studio as well as a green screen that students can use to create videos that are also displayed on the private FB page from time to time.  They have special lighting and a space that is dedicated to this broadcast.  They rotate students each week to give them the opportunity to be a desk anchor, computer technician, videographer, lighting expert, and stage director.  They also call on students that are not on the news team to come and lead the pledge each morning.  Students are able to come in and fulfill their roles as well as instruct visitors in where to stand, and what to do before filming.  They share trivia, happenings within the school, reminders for students and teachers, as well as sharing their learning, and showcasing projects and happenings throughout the building.  This has been a wonderful addition to the school's daily routine.  

    "I hope to give students a " tiny taste" for what it is like to put on a live show.  When I am not there due to training or workshops, they have had to go it alone and have learned how to adapt and change things as technology glitches from time to time and other mishaps have happened.  I think this is a great learning opportunity for our kids.  Who knows, one day they may decide that they want to become a news anchor or work in a television station."- Mrs. Bragwell