• Wifi on the Go

  • Hartselle City Schools is proud to announce the WiFi on the Go Program brought to you by LeanStream.

    You have all seen a “MiFi” device, right? Well, through a unique relationship with T-Mobile, we are able to make portable hotspot devices available to employees and parents of students as a thank you gift for donating monthly to our district. For every month you donate you will get unlimited data and internet with no data throttling or deprioritization, (what is that you say? –ways cellular companies use to slow you down when they think you use too much data, even when it is “unlimited”-) no contract, no special fees, no commitment. You can’t get this thank you gift anywhere else.

    Imagine no more dead mobile phones from data use, no more data overages, no more concerns about the security of public WiFi spot, no more need to find WiFi to use your iPad or, if your iPad has cellular data built-in, no more paying big bucks for a plan with never enough data. Instead, you can get unlimited data and can carry the network with you in your pocket, purse, or backpack. Use it in the car, at the ballpark, on vacation, or anywhere else where T-Mobile offers coverage (which is just about everywhere these days). Let your friends connect to it too (it can accommodate up to 15 users). Perfect for a busy family. Perfect for you. And perfect for Hartselle.

    So how do you get it? Sign up to make a reoccurring $50 monthly donation on our site HERE and it gets shipped to your mailbox ready to go. It’s really that easy. Your donation will not only get you unlimited internet, but it will also help to support our schools. Part of the donation is tax-deductible too. It is a perfect way for parents to give to Hartselle City Schools and getting something cool in return. That is what we call a win-win.

    So check it out at HERE or by clicking the “WiFi on the Go” icon on the HCS webpage or in the app. Thanks for all you do to support our school and our community!