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  • My name is Allyson Hamilton.  Being the Hartselle Intermediate School counselor includes a variety of services for our students in the 5th and 6th grades.  I spend time in the classrooms each month sharing lessons about study skills, making positive decisions, using our self control, being responsible each day at home and school, anger management, being a friend to others, as well as bully prevention and safety issues.  I see students individually and in small groups at times for various reasons. 

    I am a member of our H.I.S. Student Support Team, as well as the Building Test Coordinator for the ACT-ASPIRE and the ACCESS (ELL) Assessments, both given towards the end of the school year. 

    I welcome students to visit with me ! Students may want to come see me because...

    • they want to discuss their school progress
    • they are having difficulty in class
    • they feel alone and shy
    • they have good or exciting news to share
    • they are having family, friend, or personal problems

    Parents, you may want to call or come see me when your child...

    • is having trouble dealing with the divorce taking place in your family
    • doesn't want to come to school in the mornings
    • has recently experienced a death of a loved one
    • keeps telling you he/she doesn't have any friends at school


    If I can ever be of assistance to you or your child, please contact me at 773-6094.  With all of us working together as a team, your child should have much success each day !

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