• At HJHS, we have one school counselor.  Each day, students experience Individual Counseling, Small Group Counseling, or Whole Group Counseling through subject area classes.

    "Every child needs at least one adult who is irrationally crazy about him or her."

    --Urie Bronfrenbrenner

    What an awesome and true statement.  7th and 8th grade is a time of great transition and development.  It takes everyone working together to make sure that each individual student is successful.      

    Below, you can find information on different topics we cover through Whole Group Counseling, Small Group Counseling, and Individual Counseling:


    Whole Group Counseling

    During the year, we will focus on:

    Career Exploration in the Alabama Career Clusters and Pathways

    • Career Interests
    • Career Interest Inventories
    • Research and Exploration
    • Job Shadowing
    • Endless Opportunities (8th grade only) Career Exploration Field Trip
    • Selecting academic courses and electives that support the exploration of potential career pursuits


    Academics and Goal Setting

    • Growth Opportunities
    • Grades
    • Expectations and Reaching your highest potential
    • 4 year plans


    Personal Development

    • How to Communicate
    • Recognize strengths and weaknesses
    • Learning Styles
    • Encouragement
    • Employability Skills-Social Skills, Team Work
    • Finding Your Voice-asking questions and searching for answers
    • Character Development


    Further Your Career Exploration at Home:





    Small Group or Individual Counseling

    There is no topic too big or too small, but the following are examples:

    • Perfectionism          
    • Encouragement          
    • Organization          
    • Kindness          
    • Leadership/Leadership Skills
    • Stress                      
    • Anxiety                          
    • Grief Support        
    • Emotional        
    • Career, In Depth
    • Attendance            
    • Goal Setting                  
    • Social (Skills)        
    • Academic        
    • Behavior Support